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Client of the Month- Ruchie H.

Name: Ruchie H.

Age: 29

Location: Boro Park

Occupation: Works for Hamaspik

Start Date: 5 years ago

Height: 5’10”

Starting Weight: 300+

Goal Weight: 175

Pounds lost so far: 130!

1. What are your dieting challenges? Nights- Always a struggle that I need to fight! Nights and weekends are hardest for me because there’s always a ton of food around which is super hard to resist!

2. Can you share some tricks or tools that have helped along the way? I make sure to always have fruits and veggies prepared to just munch on, so I grab that instead of the No-No’s!

3. Please share a recent victory that you had: I hit the 130 pounds lost mark and probably weigh around the same as I did at the end of elementary school which was almost 20 years ago!