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Client of the Month- Gitty K.

Name: Gitty K.

Age: 28

Location: Monroe, NY

Occupation: I work in a challah bakery

Start Date: November 2020

Height: 5’2”

Starting Weight: 185 pounds

Current Weight: 172 pounds

Health Conditions: None B”H

What is your goal? To get down to 160 pounds.

What are your dieting challenges? My trigger is starch and eating later in the day.

Please share a recent victory that you had: Every day that passes and I stick to the plan is a victory!

What are some tricks or tools you found helpful? My last meal is at 7pm and I drink lots of water.

Gitty’s counselor, Hudy says: Gitty has been so amazing on her plan. She always fills out her log sheets, and they are always so neat and detailed. Gitty is so easy to talk to and She’s such a pleasure to have as a client. She makes every appointment exciting and motivating!