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we are a lifestyle. we are not just another diet.
we are a lifestyle. we are not just another diet.

Nutrition Counseling

No fancy prep, no hunger, and lots of support and accessibility to all of us. We believe that ALL foods can be eaten in moderation. We think of this plan as a way of life.

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Fitness & Personal Training

Whether you’re a beginner looking for extra help or just need that extra push, our professional personal trainers are here to help.

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TAP Food Line

Dieting is hard and sometimes boring, so Tanya needed to make it more fun. This is how the catchy brand, TAP (Tanya Approved Products) came about.

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Our Regular Cookbook
Gluten-Free Cookbook

Healthy easy delicious recipes!

Includes specifics on portions according to Nutrition by Tanya guidelines

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Find healthy and nutritious options for you and your family.

Chin Cream

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Firming Cream

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TAP Baked Ziti

Available at locations & supermarkets only

TAP Birthday Cake Pop

Available at locations & supermarkets only

Healthy brands we approve.



Healthy brands we approve.

To find out if your company is qualified for tap approval, please contact:

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At Nutrition By Tanya
we make dieting easy!

We don’t do generic.

We get to know each client before customizing the plan. We consider your past history, medical issues (if any), food preferences, lifestyle and goals.

We know dieting is hard.

We try to make the plan as easy as possible to follow. Any recipe we give is simple and easy, and we never require anything complicated that requires special ingredients or preparation.

We’re in it together.

A big component to the program is the support & accessibility to the Nutrition Counselors and to Tanya herself. Every client gets their counselor’s cell phone number and is welcome to ask questions, share victories, or get support, any time!