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EVERYTHING can be had in moderation! The plan includes foods that YOU like (taking into account health conditions and lifestyles)

We do not accept insurance however, many of our clients HAVE been able to receive reimbursement from their insurance companies. Call your insurance company to confirm your policy covers ‘out of network’ services and we will gladly provide an official receipt.

Almost everything can be had in moderation
*You get your counselors personal phone number for support between appointments
*The program is easy and flexible
*We offer in-location, phone and video chat sessions
*The food is regular food you can find in most supermarkets
*You do not have to buy TAP food (but if you do, it’s delicious and geared towards our plans)
*You do not have to exercise but should you choose to, we have DVD’s, classes and personal trainers available
*We send out weekly recipes, tips, finds and information via newsletter and social media outlets
*We even have information packets for holidays, seasons and special events
*We deal with all health conditions
*You can even do this while pregnant or nursing
*Our clients always say they can’t believe how much they can eat and how full they feel while still losing weight

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