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snack. TAP. repeat. eat. sleep.
snack. TAP. repeat. eat. sleep.
snack. TAP. repeat. eat. sleep.

Tanya’s Story

Throughout my entire childhood, I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I would practice litigation on my dolls and then later on with my friends.

I got married and gave birth to my first child while taking the LSAT's and applying to law schools. During that pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds! It didn't really bother me until I went shopping with a friend who pointed out that I was an extra large! That's when it hit me and I decided to lose weight. I started eating healthy and exercising a bit, and took some exercises classes here and there. I really liked the results and I continued to lose weight I never knew I even could lose!

After becoming a certified personal trainer and changing my college track to study nutrition versus law, I was giving fitness classes in a basement a few times a week when it suddenly became unavailable. I had less than one week to find a new space.

There was a storefront around the corner which was way too expensive and too big for what I needed and could afford. I took a leap of faith (or stupidity) and grabbed it, not knowing how I would ever make the rent. After a year there, I opened a similar space in Flatbush as well. Around this time, we also started filming and producing the Shape Kosher Workout DVD’s, the first and still the only Kosher Workouts for women. At that time, I only had one employee, a part-time receptionist, and was doing everything myself (and just had my second child).

Nutrition by Tanya locations

After giving birth to my fourth child, Abby, I realized I needed way more help. Maybe it was the fact that I was working right in the delivery room or that I went back to work less than a week after she was born.

Either way, I realized that I definitely needed more help. With more staff at my side at this point, we went on to open the Williamsburg location in 2016 followed by Lakewood, Monsey, Monroe, Five Towns and even Israel. You can pretty much say that soon after giving birth to my 4th actual child, these other locations were born one by one. Spoiler alert: To date, we have 12 locations as well as working remotely with clients from all over the world.

After hearing over and over everyone’s requests to make and sell ready made food, we developed a food line called TAP (Tanya Approved Products) For a full catalog, click here.

Starting with just pastries such as muffins and cookies, it soon grew to ready-made meals and a variety of snacks. In 2019, the first cookbook Cooking with Tanya, came out and has since been a staple in many Jewish homes. We then came out with a Gluten-Free Cooking with Tanya cookbook, which serves a very big need and is the first healthy and gluten-free cookbook on the market.

Family of Services

A joyful investment in your body, mind and spirit.

Family of Services

A joyful investment in your body, mind and spirit.

  • 50 + employees
  • 12 physical locations
  • A line of delicious and healthy food
  • 3 Kosher Workout Dvd’s
  • 2 cookbooks
  • Thousands of happy clients from all over the world

We can’t wait to transform many more lives and mindsets. Since we are never sitting still, stay tuned for more updates!

I love knowing that we made it possible for so many clients to finally achieve their desired goals. A lot of people ask me if I practice what I preach and the answer is... Yes! I can go back to those "extra large" days very quickly if I let myself go and so, I work on myself every single day both with my eating choices and working out on a regular basis. Any advice I have ever given a client is something I would do myself.

I look forward to meeting you personally one day and having you be part of our Nutrition by Tanya family!

We are not coworkers,
meet the team family!

Tanya Rosen

Tanya holds a master’s degree from Brooklyn College, as well as many specialty certificates such as pre and post natal fitness and nutrition, sports nutrition, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy for emotional eaters and working with special populations such as children, senior citizens and athletes.

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Jenny Wallach

Nutrition Counselor, EmSculpt Technician

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Maya Karasanti

Administrator, Workforce Manager, Customer Service

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Looking for a career? Think you’ll be a great fit for the Nutrition by Tanya Family?

If you have excellent people skills and want to make a difference in the health and well being of others, we would love to meet with YOU!

Did You Know?

We have columns in Binah Magazine, Williamsburg Bulletin, Weekly Link, Torah Times, Lakewood Shopper, and many neighborhood magazines.

We have male & female counselors.
We’re open Fridays and Sundays too.
We offer lectures and speaking engagements.
We collectively speak six languages.
We’re open as early as 7am and close as late as 11pm.
We help people who want to gain weight, lose weight or have medical conditions.

TAP Gives Back: A Healthy Payback

5% of all TAP purchases goes to support Jewish Education

It is really a beautiful thing that the Frum community can avail themselves of nutritious and delicious dietetic foods while at the same time, helping Be’er Hagolah continue its work.

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A glimpse into Nutrition By Tanya

We’re so happy you’ve decided to take your first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Check out some Amazing Testimonials!

Nutrition by Tanya is the best place to go to! The staff is amazing, so nice and considerate! You are never ever judged! Always there to help you right back up and into it. The cookbook is amazing! And the delicious prepared meals wow I couldn't have done without it. Especially all the ready snacks! So helpful! Best life change plan ever!! Thank you!

Nutrition by Tanya is the best plan I’ve ever done! There’s no restriction, all foods fit into my plan in moderation and the plan really fits with my lifestyle and has really become a lifestyle. I don’t need to stress about yomim tovim or Shabbos or fast days. It’s all laid out soo clearly. Jenny is great and really understands the struggle and is such a good cheerleader!

Tanya's program has changed my way of thinking about food. It has made me think healthy, eat healthy , and at the same time- enjoy what I’m eating! The approved products she sells at her locations are delicious, fun, and ready to eat. They make dieting and healthy eating a more simple daily routine! The office staff is so friendly, the counselor is warm and so easy to work with. Thank you Nutrition by Tanya, you’ve improved my self esteem, my health, and shopping for clothes is so much fun now!

Tanya you are the best. (After trying different diets which I realized that doesn’t work and I’m still gaining) and when I heard about Tanya I was very undecided if I should join but I realized that you really work along with your clients by asking what type of foods do you like etc.. and that’s how you make our food plan. I really appreciate that you are very caring Tanya thanks again for everything that you do from recipes and have for us this delicious yummy foods one thing is for sure I really see that Tanya does it with her full heart she really tries to satisfy all of the clients no matter if it’s hard she will still do it. Thanks again Tanya for everything what you do.

Love this place! Everything about it is just amazing. From the staff who are the most amazing friendliest people on this planet to the food which just tastes AMAZING. I swear you would never even know that it’s a diet program with all the options they have available. Not to mention Tanya herself who is practically like a second Mom to every client and staff she has. Plus a amazing support Whatsapp group where all the clients and practically became family just from feeding off of the energy the office gives off. Bonus that the program actually works and I happened of lost a nice amount of weight following it.

I love being on this plan! It doesn’t feel restricting at all. Its not just a “diet”, but definitely more of a lifestyle that can be easily followed. The TAP products also taste great so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Limor is very supportive and always has great tips. Would highly recommend!

There is one one word to describe Nutrition by Tanya, AMAZING! I have been on the plan for 21 weeks and have lost 40 lbs! I am thrilled with the results. Huge shout out to Jenny, who is the best cheerleader and coach! I highly recommend going on the NBT plan. It’s easy to follow and very versatile! Plenty of options so you don’t get bored of the food!!!! Two thumbs up for NBT!!!!

Never enjoyed going to a nutritionist before but I look forward to seeing Tanya every week. I am not a person who loses weight easily and Tanya helped tweak the diet until I was seeing progress. The staff is so nice and helpful and always accommodating to all the clients schedules. Highly recommend!

Nutrition by Tanya is not a diet plan it’s a way of life. It’s a plan that really doesn’t make you feel like you are deprived. You can eat almost anything on this plan and still lose weight! The counselors are great and explain how you can eat the foods you love with a balance.

I’ve never been so happy w a program like this one!!! Totally never feeling deprived! Always able to eat the things I like and enjoy! Tanya and her counselors (and all the staff) are so easy to talk to and communicate with!! It’s like they understand each individual! Greatest way of life for anyone!! If you’ve done every diet in the book and never succeeded....this is the one for you!!!

Tanya’s program is not a diet- it’s a program that teaches you healthy mindful eating habits with changes to your eating lifestyle. Tanya and her counselors are all a terrific team, knowledgeable and great role models! The TAP products are delicious and keeps you on track! It’s really worth the investment- just need to stay connected and see great results!

Counselors are so dedicated and on top of every client. Great motivation. TAP Products are the most tasty treats!

After being on Tanya for a while I got a whole new perspective on Nutrition and healthy eating. Its not a diet its a lifestyle and its a great one too!!

Glad that they have male counselors who are upbeat and have a great attitude. I have tried other diets and got stuck trying to figure out how it applies to Shabbos and other special days. The counselors at Tanya's offer individual guidance for your particular lifestyle, and there's never a question of what to eat. Their philosophy is that you shouldn't go hungry which makes it a sustainable life change. I have already lost 15 pounds and am confident that I will be able to keep it off.

Tanya’s diet, is easily the most practical and fun diet! It’s versatile, it’s easy, and the sky’s the limit with the amount of options you have regarding food and meal planning. She and her dietitians are all so good at what they do, they go above and beyond, to make sure you are taken care of. They are extremely helpful with whatever you need, from support, to helping you make the best and right food choices! They are so understanding, No judgement, just guidance and with so much heart. I’ve been so successful so far, Bh! I would recommend this diet as a lifestyle. It’s truly the most pleasant diet experience that I’ve ever had. Thank you Nutrition by Tanya

Nutrition by Tanya is the ABSOLUTE BEST solution to anyone who wishes to improve their lifestyle. I have struggled with different eating disorders for almost 5 years and have tried many approaches and diets, therapies, books etc. etc. Let me just say that the Tanya lifestyle is the ONLY plan that has worked for me and that is due to the plan itself, plus the biggest rockstar AHUVA of the five towns location who is SUPER supportive, understanding, and literally the best!! She really just gets each person and genuinely wants to help them, and makes herself available at any hour. Booking a first session will change your life!

This was the best experience ever!!! I tried every diet out there and Nutrition by Tanya was the first diet that ever worked for me! The plan was easy enough to follow, and tap muffins are always delicious:)! After weight watchers, arbonne, carb free, intermittent fasting... I finally went to NBT where I lost 40 pounds bH!!! I met with Alice and Ahuva who were both so positive and encouraging! (even when I tripped up (quite a few times;) So thank you thank you thank you!!!

Such a supportive and understanding environment for my teens. Alice really reinforces nutrition and balance while being practical about what teenagers want to eat! I have recommended them to many friends and family members!

The five towns location is AMAZING!!! Staff is so so so nice and accommodating! They are so flexible with schedules and just amazing to work with!

You won't fine another place with such amazing staff, who cares about helping every client.

I’ve joined quite a few diets over the years, never have I been part of a diet that I have no problem sticking to and have absolutely no desire to eat anything out of my plan, until I joined NBT. The plan incorporates all my favorite foods in a healthy way! I finally learned that I don’t need to cut out foods I love! This is not a diet, this is a life style that will keep you feeling full, light, and losing weight so you continue to feel motivated! It doesn’t get better than this!

I B"H lost a total of 74 Lbs. in 11 months being in the Tanya diet.... best part of this diet you're never hungry. trust the system it works!! [shout out to Mr. Salamon the best counselor in Monsey !! sincerely your champion]

Nutrition by Tanyas team is a pleasure to deal with. The food plan I was given was non restrictive, healthy, easy to implement and yielded steady results. I have personally lost 40 pounds this year and am continuing to lose.

Best nutrition counselor ever and her diet is so not a diet. It's a healthy easy way of life that keeps you fit and healthy.

My experience so far is amazing! The counselors are so devoted and really help you stay accountable so you get best results.