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Chanukah Guidelines 2021 Full Packet


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Tuesday Finds

Tuesday Finds- Heaven & Earth, Mushroom Veggie Burger

Find Heaven & Earth, Mushroom Veggie Burger (OU-Pareve) Vegan Soy-free Gluten-free Allergen-free High-protein Low -carb Super convenient! Count 1-2 burgers as a protein on the plan.  Can be purchased at...
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Tuesday Finds- Trader Joe’s Potato Pancakes

Find Trader Joe’s Potato Pancakes! (OU) Just pop it out of the freezer and bake! So delicious and gluten-free too! Count as: A starch (1-3 pancakes depending on plan) Can...
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NBT Tip of the Week

NBT Tip: Let’s Talk Potatoes

Potatoes tend to have a bad reputation because they scream...
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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Chanukah Party List

8 nights of potential parties and feasts can take a...
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NBT Tip: Preparing Leftovers

Preparing Leftovers Whether it’s after the Thanksgiving feast, the Passover...
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we are a lifestyle. we are not just another diet.
we are a lifestyle. we are not just another diet.
we are a lifestyle. we are not just another diet.

Recipe of the Week

Recipe of the Week- Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

It’s ice cream  season! Try this delicious recipe - it’s packed with protein and is super low-calorie!  Ingredients: 3 cups...
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