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Client of the Month- Yossi B.

  • Name: Yossi B.
  • Age: 20
  • Location: Lakewood, NJ
  • Occupation: Chef’s Assistant
  • Start Date: March 14th 2018
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Starting Weight: 291
  • Goal Weight: 174
  • Pounds lost so far: 103 pounds lost so far!


What are your dieting challenges?

My hardest challenge is stopping from noshing at night because I’m up late and there’s always food around. 

Can you share some tricks or tools that have helped along the way?

I work in a kitchen and bought the Cooking with Tanya Cookbook which has helped me create so many healthy AND delicious recipes to help me stay on track and not feel deprived! 

Please share a recent victory that you had: 

My roommate bought take-out; fried chicken, my favorite, and I did not touch it! Instead, I made sure to eat dairy so I wouldn’t touch it! That’s victorious!