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Client of the Month- Miriam Halpert

Name: Miriam Halpert

Age: 32

Location: Boro Park

Start Date: November 2020

Height: 5’7”

Starting Weight: 193 pounds

Current Weight: 170 pounds

Health Conditions: None

What is your goal? To lose more weight and eat right

What are your dieting challenges? To not gain weight, eat healthy, and stick to the plan.

Please share a recent victory that you had: It was hard to lose weight but this program helped me to make better choices.

What are some tricks or tools you found helpful? You are able to eat an enormous amount and be full. There is food to buy when you don’t have enough time to use their amazing cookbook.

Tanya says: Miriam is very determined and works hard daily.  She is literally part of our office atmosphere as you may have seen in pics and posts.  We love her cheerful and positive attitude!