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Client of the Month- Gabrielle Rosenfeld

Name: Gabrielle Rosenfeld

Age: 29

Location: Queens, NY

Occupation: Stay at home mom & freelance makeup artist

Start Date: 10/31/17 and 7/17/20

Height: 5’2”

Starting Weight: 163

What is your goal? I had first started this plan on 10/31/17 in order to lose weight for my wedding which was in March of 2018. My goals were not only to lose weight and look good, but to feel better physically and mentally, which I did. I lost almost 20 lbs and was in the best shape of my life. 

When I came back, my goal was not to gain more than 10 more pounds during the remainder of my pregnancy, to have a healthy pregnancy and to avoid c-section.

What are your dieting challenges? Not eating too late at night, remembering to pack snacks for myself when out and not having Bravo’s pizza every time the cravings hit (which is always).

Please share a recent victory that you had: During my first pregnancy, I was extremely irresponsible and gained a crazy amount of weight, and ultimately had a c section. This time around I have only gained 6 pounds and  since starting with Tanya, I have maintained that weight for 4 weeks! Complete opposite than with my first!

What are some tricks or tools you found helpful? I have found (and still find) that Tanya’s plan is more than doable, because it doesn’t make you feel so deprived of the foods you would normally eat. I love pizza, it is my weakness, and the fact that I can have 1 real slice of pizza a week makes sticking to the diet much easier because I know I’m still going to get to eat a favorite. Not only that, but Tanya’s delicious products have saved me time and time again; from saving me the prep and cook time, to just eating something which ordinarily would not be on a diet, like muffins, ice creams and pizza of course.