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Client of the Month- Diana Chadi

Name: Diana

Age: 38

Location: Passaic, NJ

Occupation: Doctoral Student and mother

Start Date: 08/06/2020

Height: 5’5”

Starting Weight: 289

Current Weight: 274

Health Conditions: None B”H

What is your goal? To get healthy! 

What are your dieting challenges? I like food… a lot! I mean, who doesn’t? My real challenge is portion control – eating too much of everything, even good things. 

Please share a recent victory that you had: I just recently lost my quarantine 15 pounds! I have been doing well on the plan for 3 months. I haven’t been this compliant on a diet in as long as I can remember! You can follow me on Instagram-

What are some tricks or tools you found helpful? My mother recently came to live with me, and it finally hit me WHY I wanted to lose weight. My mother is unfortunately overweight and diabetic. At 72 years old, she has such a difficult time going up and down the stairs, walking, cooking, etc., and this is something I witness on a daily basis. I found myself often wondering if this would be me at 72. I made a conscious decision at that point to give it my all to fight for my health! To fight not to be overweight and to fight not to have diabetes. To fight to be the mother and grandmother I want to be. So every time I see my kids leftovers (pizza, mac n’ cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.), I ask myself, is this bite going to help me achieve my goal? Sometimes it means that I have to walk out of the kitchen to focus, but I can safely say that understanding very clearly WHY I’m doing what I’m doing, has been the determining factor in my success. I have a LONG road ahead of me, but as my wonderful husband constantly reminds me – I didn’t gain all this weight overnight and I surely will not lose it overnight either. I’m looking forward to achieving that goal one day at a time!

Diana’s counselor, Keren says: Diana is extremely motivated and dedicated to leading a healthier lifestyle. She is aware of the immediate and long term benefits of eating healthy and following a plan. Diana is doing beautifully on the plan and I am so grateful to have been a part of her journey.