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Fitness Tips by Tanya: Too cold to exercise?

Are you not motivated enough to exercise during the cold weather? 

Try these tips:

1. There is no such thing as bad weather, there are just bad clothing choices. Treat yourself to some new workout gear like leggings, gloves, and headbands! New gear can always keep you motivated to go!

2. Book a class or join a fitness club. You’ll have somewhere you must be on time and see a bunch of others working hard and breaking a sweat which will motivate you to imitate. 

3. Set your goals, make a plan and work towards achieving that goal.

4. Below zero and you seriously can’t make it to the gym? 

Work out at home with your own body weight! It can be 

just as effective as a workout at the gym! You can also 

get our Shape Fitness Kosher Workouts DVD!

5. PLUS! Working out warms you up so that’s yet another 

reason TO exercise when it’s cold.

Good luck and stay warm! You CAN DO IT!