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Fitness Tip- Lessons of the Treadmill

Lessons from my treadmill run in Miami…

Apparently treadmills in the hotel shut off every 20 minutes.

The first time it happened, I got super annoyed! I wanna see my progress and I don’t wanna start over each time either.

But then… I realized quite a few interesting things!

  1. When you expect something, despite it being inconvenient, it’s so much easier to handle it than when you don’t expect it. By the second and third time when the treadmill shut off, I wasn’t AS annoyed as before.
  2. Everything adds up. When I pieced all those short segments together it added up to a very nice mileage and calorie burn.
  3. Having three different segments gave me a chance to compare each one and see how I’ve improved my timing and intensity with each round.
  4. Never judge an incomplete picture. If someone would see only one segment it would look like I barely had a workout, but little would they know that there are actually two more segments they simply didn’t see.
  5. It happened even though there’s no proof. While the first two segments got saved, the third didn’t but… it still happened despite not being posted.