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Fit Tip: Stroller Exercises

Whether you’re the mom, dad, sibling, grandparent or even the nanny, why NOT work out while strolling with the baby?! You’re already out and about so here are just a few ways to take advantage of those walks:

*Sprint walks- Walk as fast as you can for 30 seconds then walk at a regular pace for 30 seconds to catch your breath. Repeat at your own pace.

*Stroller squats- It’s a regular squat but you’re pushing the stroller back and forth as you move into and out of the squat. This is great for a fussy baby as the back and forth movement can be soothing.

*Stroller lunges- Just do your standard lunges while pushing the stroller.

*Jogging- Of course the easiest exercise would be to jog!

**Tip: Works best with a jogging stroller and as always, pace yourself. As you get used to it, you can do more sets and you will begin to see and feel the changes.