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Fit Tip: Get Creative

Now that many gyms are closed, or require masks while you work out, the gym option is off the table for many people. It can be hard to motivate yourself to go, even in regular circumstances! How many people pay monthly for a gym they never visit? Luckily, there are many more fun ways to get in shape! Put your money to better use and do a sort of exercise that you enjoy at the same time! You can get creative, but here are a few ideas:

Rock climbing- This uses both upper and lower body strength, and works your balance as well.

Dance lessons- Not only is the warmup usually a great start, but dancing can be great cardio as well as a way to build muscle and tone your body.

Martial arts- Warming up for martial arts requires a good workout. Punching, kicking, and flipping puts your muscles to good use as well!