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Fitness Tips by Tanya: Fitness Apps

Download a fitness app or two!

Fitness apps are a great way to get a personalized and effective workout. They are great at motivating, and many fitness apps include fun recipes or other exercises like yoga or Pilates. There are apps specifically for men, women, running, at-home workouts, you name it. 

Here are a few that I tried out that you might like:

Fit Body with Anna Victoria: Free month trial, and has great motivation and personalized workout plans.

Aaptive: Has workouts for all levels and great personalization.

C25K: Made especially for running. It connects to the music on your phone and you can change the tempo to match your own pace. It does have a free option, but the premium package includes lots of great features!

There are also many FREE apps and even ones that have short, easy workouts so you can stick in a short exercise routine when you have a few minutes.

Some FREE apps include:

Gymondo: Includes Yoga, pilates, strength training, etc. Super fun workouts with a trainer and 2 assistants in each video, so it feels like you’re joining a class! They also have their own music and some playlists on Spotify if you have premium!

WeBurn: All videos are a quick 7 minutes! It’s also really great for an at-home workout without any equipment.

Nike Training Club: Premium is FREE until further notice! Includes great customized workouts, recipes, and more!