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Fit Tip- Burn More Calories Using Your Heart Rate

Burn More Calories Using Your Heart Rate

Everyone has what’s called a Maximum Heart Rate, or MHR. This sounds scary, but it’s not. Your MHR is simply the fastest your heart can beat in one minute. 

Why is knowing your MHR helpful?

Research has shown that if you can get your pulse up to within 60-80 percent of your MHR for only a half-hour, you can burn the most calories!

While you work out, keep track of your pulse. You’ll notice that as your heart rate rises and gets closer to your maximum number, it will become difficult to continue. See how close you can get and try to hold it there for a minute or two. It’s extremely hard!

Want to figure out what your MHR is?

Easy! Just subtract your age from 220. So if you’re 30 years old, then ur MHR is 190. 114 to 152 would be 60-80% of that.

To keep track of your pulse, you can either buy a tracker or you can do the math in your head. Count the beats in 20 seconds, and then multiply that by 3.