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Did you know?! Winter Sadness

You may have noticed that winter brings on some pounds. It might just be “Winter Sadness”. It’s cold, we have several months of shorter days, less sunlight altogether, and many different weather changes ranging from rain to snow to ice, etc.
These conditions may make us want to stay home, change into baggy clothing, eat mindlessly, curl up under blankets, etc. Of course, there are responsibilities to continue handling throughout the winter, but our after-adulting hours may change according to our mood, which is heavily dictated by the weather.
Don’t fret, and don’t fall off the wagon. It’s common, and you CAN get around it simply by trying to stick to what you were doing before it got colder and substitute the rest accordingly. If you used to go for a long walk 3 times a week, find a comparable alternative to make up for it. If you used to eat bowls of fresh salad that count as free on the plan, substitute for soups that count as free.
It’s only a few months! You got this!