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Did you know?! Sweeteners

As far as sweeteners go, there is quite a variety from which to choose. Now, if you do the research on each one, you’ll find that none are absolutely perfect, but it’s a matter of finding the right one for you.

I personally recommend Xylitol for cooking and Stevia or Truvia for other things. Sweeteners are an excellent way to stick to a lower calorie count while still being able to enjoy the sweetness.

*Truvia and Stevia are plant-based versus chemical.

*Agave, honey, and maple syrup may be marketed as “healthier” but they really are just sugar.

*If pregnant or nursing ask, ask your doctor.

*If you use sweeteners regularly and in large amounts, I WOULD recommend you take the time to research the sweetener to make sure the possible side effects of overconsumption don’t apply to you. Keep it sweet everyone!