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Did You Know?! Honey VS Sugar

One teaspoon of honey contains 21 calories. One teaspoon of white sugar contains 16 calories. However, honey is not necessarily worse for you because it is a whole food as opposed to a refined, processed food.

Unlike refined sugar, honey contains beneficial vitamins and minerals as well. Honey serves as a natural alternative to granulated sugar. Refined table sugar, which people often use to sweeten their food, is considered a source of “empty calories”, meaning that there is no benefit to eating it. While sugar in any form, including honey, can lead to weight gain if not eaten in moderation, honey is not “bad for your diet” as it offers a range of vitamins and minerals as well as a variety of other health benefits.

Honey is a healthier alternative to sugar because it is more natural. However, “natural” is not always synonymous with “healthy,” and as with anything sweet, it is easy to overdo it. No matter what satisfies your sweet tooth, it should be consumed in limited amounts.