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Did you know?! Chewing Gum

  • Helps alleviate bad breath by producing more saliva which helps reduce odor causing bacteria in the mouth.
  • Saliva also helps balance the acid levels in our stomachs so chewing gum can help alleviate heartburn. Because of this process it may also alleviate nausea.
  • Replacing unnecessary sweets with some sugar-free gum can help stave off hunger and keeps you from eating junk which can help with your weight-loss goals.
  • May improve memory and concentration. The theory is that chewing stimulates blood flow to the brain which allows for better focus.
  • Other studies show that chewing gum reduces stress hormones, so the act of chewing may be beneficial to those that are anxious or stressed.

Just remember to keep it sugar-free and mix it up with some variety so you don’t get bored, and be aware of sugar cravings or bloating which can happen when having too much gum.

Happy Chewing!