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Fitness Tips by Tanya: Beach Workout

Love the beach? Guess what! 

You can enjoy the sun and the water while using the beach to work out at the same time! Here are some tips to use next time you’re going for a swim.

  • Run in shallow water. Use the friction of the water at your ankles to really build muscle as you run. You can also go deeper into the water for more of a challenge whether it’s at your knees, waist or chest, just mimic running.
  • Swimming in the ocean takes a lot more energy than a pool because of the waves. Use that to your advantage and do laps back and forth along the shoreline.
  • Play some volleyball! Running in the sand is always harder than on solid ground (leg muscles!), plus it gets your heart rate up while you try to hit the ball.
  • If you’re tanning, do 10-15 push-ups every time you change positions, or use your towel as a yoga mat and get in some good stretches.