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Myth or Fact? I HAVE to eat more frequently to lose weight.

This is a myth because you CAN lose weight regardless.  However, extensive studies have yet to be done to prove otherwise. So then, why do so many programs (including mine) encourage eating more frequently?

Well, the studies that HAVE been done have shown that it’s WHAT you eat as opposed to how often. 

The simple science behind eating less but more frequently, is that it keeps your energy levels up, your mind sharper, your stomach fuller, speeds up your metabolism and helps you avoid making unhealthy choices because you’re so hungry.

Hence the saying “don’t go food shopping while hungry”, because you end up choosing things you know you shouldn’t.

So while you don’t HAVE to eat frequently, I do strongly encourage the minimum of 3 meals and 2 snacks a day to sustain you throughout the day.