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Myth or Fact: Pizza Is A Bad Food

This is a MYTH!

Pizza can be a complete and balanced meal when eaten in moderation. Pizza has earned a bad reputation because it is a fast food, can contain a lot of calories, and can be high fat. However, if made with whole wheat flour, low-fat cheese, topped with vegetables, and combined with sugar-free tomato sauce (which is high in antioxidants), it is a balanced meal. Although it totals over 300 calories and over 10 grams of fat, that’s not more than most meals. Pair it with a salad for even more fiber and nutrients.

How often should you have pizza now that it’s not as bad as you thought? One slice 1-2 times a week with a salad as a meal (preferably lunch since that’s earlier in the day when you’re more active and can burn off the carbs more easily).