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Myth or Fact? Chewing more helps you lose weight.

Ahhh so this is an interesting one. The act of chewing in itself, burns calories. Chewing more also improves your gut hormones in relation to hunger and satiety, meaning it helps you fill up on less food.
So technically, the more you chew, the more calories you burn while doing so but the main factor lies in that you end up eating less.
Studies show that extra chewing gives your body time to absorb the fact that is being fed so, while usually you might inhale an entire plate of food, slowing it down can cut that intake significantly. One study conducted, requested the participants chew 40 times before swallowing their food which resulted in a 12% decrease in calorie consumption.
Here’s the bonus- when you chew slowly, you enjoy your food that much more because you’re able to savor the flavors so pace yourself when chewing to reap these easily attainable benefits!