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Employee of the Month- Blimy Wassertheil

Name:  Blimy Wassertheil

Position: Marketing Manager

Location/s: Remote

Responsibilities include: Sales & Marketing of VITAthin, and general marketing across the board. 

My favorite thing about working  with Nutrition by Tanya: The amazing family vibe between the team, that spills over to the clients as well.

In my spare time: I concoct creative ideas while lying upside down contemplating the gym ceiling instead of doing my crunches…

I wish I could: Have the amount of hours in a day that Tanya seems to have…

Tanya Says: Blimy is a recent addition to our growing family, and has taken the marketing department by storm. If you’ve heard of Vitathin, then you’ve already seen her work, and that’s just a drop in the bucket! I’m so excited for the future of our marketing department with Blimy at the helm.