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Employee of the Month- Luba Surman

Name: Luba Surman

Position: Workforce Management

Location: Remote

Responsibilities include: Dear Luba Articles, customer service, & so much more!

My favorite thing about working with Nutrition by Tanya: After many years in a toxic retail pharmacy environment, working for Tanya has restored my belief in the goodness of humanity. I get to work with an incredible team who are warm, kind, supportive, and motivate me to grow. There is always something new and exciting going on at Nutrition by Tanya. It is also incredible to witness people take control of their health and be a part of that journey with them.

In my spare time: I love to travel with my family and explore new places, spend time with my friends, exercise, dance,  hang out in Williamsburg and thrift shop 

I wish I could: have joined Nutrition by Tanya sooner 🙂

Maya Says: Luba is a quick learner, efficient, and amazing at all she does. She has a positive attitude, the kindest heart, and a motivating personality. She always helps wherever she can and is an absolute pleasure to work with! Love you Luba! Never stop being AMAZING!