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Are you ready for the holiday?!

How prepared are you for the holiday?

Did you stop and think about yourself?

What’s on the menu for you that’s delicious and nutritious?

Meal prepping is a great tool to help keep you on track. Planning ahead of time can save you from overindulging.

A busy holiday is one of the main reasons why people choose to veer off track. They get sidetracked and just eat what they see. However, let’s imagine a different scenario of someone who has prepared in advance. By planning in advance they get a lot of benefits.

How can I prepare?

Just like your family has a preference for certain types of food, so do you. When asking your family “what do you want for lunch or dinner?”, ask yourself “what do I want?”

Collect healthy recipes that both you and your family can enjoy and/or pull out an extra pot for your own dish since you’re already cooking anyway.

What should I choose?

Planning ahead of time will give you the ability to choose what you’ll be eating. You’ll be able to refrain from eating something unhealthy or junkie. You won’t be searching for food because you planned ahead of time and decided what you would have and what you won’t have. Plan out your cheats. It’s okay to want to have a treat, just make sure you plan it out carefully.

Why stress?

You’ll be able to avoid stress when you have a meal prepared. You won’t come to the table asking yourself what you can or can’t have. By meal prepping, you can be relaxed and enjoy your food, knowing that it’s nutritious.

When getting a head start, you’ll feel happier and the people around you will be happy as well. You’ll be satisfied with the meal you prepped and want to continue preparing for the other days. Take it slow, start preparing for the first day and watch how you’ll be preparing for the other days ahead. As you prepare your meal, try to multitask. Chop vegetables and fresh fruit as the food is on the stove or in the oven. Meal prepping is one of the many important aspects of achieving a healthy lifestyle.