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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Vegetables in all their Glory!

We all know that vegetables are a part of any healthy lifestyle but there are people that simply don’t like vegetables.

With literally HUNDREDS of vegetables out there though, there’s no way you can’t find some you can incorporate into your diet.

There are also so many ways to prepare veggies so remember, just because you don’t like a specific vegetable one way, does NOT mean you won’t like it a different way.

You can have them raw, baked, boiled, steamed, broiled, barbecued, seared/fried (with cooking spray), etc.

Make it fun by cutting them differently like slices, cubes, strips, julienne, spiraling them and more!

Change up your spices too!

Don’t mix vegetables as a whole but rather explore the variety with a combination of different methods.

Your body will thank you!