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Tips For Staying On Track On A Short Shabbos

Even though most people find short Shabbosim to be easier for their diets, here are some tips to make it even more successful:

*Make sure to eat lunch on Friday even though it’s a short day.

*Pre-plan what you want to have for the longer Friday nights and set it aside.

*Have cut-up fruits and vegetables ready for after the meal for when everyone is sitting around and you want to eat something (in addition to your portioned treat, of course).

*Take a walk after the meal.

*Make sure you have plenty of reading material, especially for Friday night.

*Most people prefer to have Melava Malka this time of year:

1 . Don’t wait until 9/10 PM to have it. Try to have it at regular dinner time.

2. If you also need to wash for Shalosh Seudos or join the family, plan to have a snack or treat (in addition to fruits and veggies), or divide your dinner in 2 (half for Shalosh Seudos and half for Melave Malka ).

Don’t forget: You can save your pizza or sushi for Saturday night and go out or order in.

*Since it’s too cold for iced drinks, make yourself delicious teas as well as having available room temperature water.