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Short Shabbos Tips

Even though most people find short Shabbosim to be easier for their diets, here are some tips to make it even more successful:

*Make time to eat on Friday. Even though it’s a short day, make time to eat! If it means ordering a salad or a full lunch or eating something easy or grab-and-go style, do it. TAP meals are a great idea since they’re quick to warm up and don’t require prep.

*Pre-plan what you want to have for the longer Friday nights and set it aside.

*Have cut-up fruits and vegetables ready for after the meal when everyone is sitting around and you want to eat something (in addition to your portioned treat, of course).

*Take a walk after the meal.

*Make sure you have plenty of reading material, especially for Friday night.

*Since it’s too cold for iced drinks, make yourself delicious teas as well as have available room temperature water.

*Plan for the after-meal hangout time. Many people struggle with the long Friday night. If possible, move the family time away from the table and into the living room or den.  

*Clear the leftovers ASAP. As strong as you stayed the whole meal, your defenses WILL go down when you’re tired later on. Having all that food sitting on the counter is very risky. As soon as it cools, wrap it up and put it away. 

*Get dressed. Trust me, I totally don’t have the patience or energy to be dressed on a Friday night but I know I feel so much more like a mentch when I am. Doesn’t have to be fancy or uncomfortable. Just something that makes you feel good versus “shlumpy.”

*If you also need to wash for Shalosh Seudos or join the family, plan to have a snack or treat (in addition to fruits and veggies), or divide your dinner in 2 (half for Shalosh Seudos and half for Melave Malka ).

Don’t forget: You can save your pizza or sushi for Saturday night and go out or order in.

*Motzei Shabbos is looong, so plan for it. 

Use your budget later versus earlier in the day.

-Eat melava malka versus Sholosh seudos if possible. 

-Don’t wait until 9 or 10 pm to eat dinner.

-Use the normal timing to eat dinner at a regular time. 

-Plan for the night with things to do (outside the home helps. Like, ice skating, the mall, visiting people, date night, bowling, etc)