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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Tips for Quarantine


✅Get dressed every morning. There may be nowhere to go but that doesn’t mean staying in pajamas is a good idea. When you’re dressed, you feel more energized, productive and less likely to overeat.  Even dabbing on a little makeup and spraying some perfume refreshes you. 

✅ Eat breakfast at a usual hour versus skipping it or pushing it off to later.

✅ Write out a tentative schedule of the day and stick to it.  

✅ Do an at-home workout (like our Shape DVD). Even have your kids join and make it a family workout!

✅ Have freebies like tea, veggie soup, cut up vegetables, etc. ready and accessible so when you get in a munching mood, you have what to grab. 

✅ Use the time wisely to:

-catch up on projects you’ve been pushing off.

 -prepare meals for the rest of the week. 

-clean for Pesach!

✅ Take a nap.  The more well rested you are, the less likely you are to overeat out of exhaustion. Just try not to interfere with the time you get to bed to avoid nighttime, mindless munching. 

✅ Try on your summer clothing; are they fitting better yet?

✅ You surely stocked up on non perishable food. Make sure you also thought of useful diet staples such as canned beans, tuna, oatmeal, your favorite water brand that gets you to drink, etc. 

✅Brainstorm! Learn a new language, draw, read, make photo albums, look through old memories etc. There are plenty of ideas, think about it! 


❌ Stay in pajamas all day or wear a big sweatshirt all day.

❌ Use the day as an excuse to go off track.

❌ Bake (unless you promise not to lick the batter) ?

❌ Watch cooking shows if they make you get hungry (or Instagram food accounts).

Good luck! Stay on track!

As always, we are here for you with tips, support, and phone sessions!

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