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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Start BEFORE Pesach

During this time of year, my receptionists mostly get asked “Should I start now, or after Pesach?”.

Here are some reasons to start before:

  • You should always start as soon as you feel ready. There will always be a reason to push it off. Don’t use Pesach as a reason, let alone any reason to delay.
  • We get very booked right after Pesach and sometimes it can be up to 2 months wait.
  • We set you up for Pesach with a complete Pesach packet that includes guidelines, shopping lists, recipes, and so much more. Plus, we have videos with loads of information to help you as well.
  • Our counselors are available to text with during Chol Hamoed.
  • While we only expect that you don’t gain weight, you will most likely lose weight, and if you DO gain, it will be a lot less than if you don’t have guidance along the way.

Let us help you have a healthy Pesach that will leave you feeling better and more accomplished!