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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Have a Carrot… or Two!

This soil grown, sweet and crunchy root vegetable, has loads of benefits and is FREE on the plan!

  • Carrots are high in vitamin A which helps prevent loss of vision.
  • They are loaded with minerals, promoting stronger bones and a healthier nervous system.
  • Carrots are loaded with antioxidants that may help prevent chronic diseases.  
  • They are available all year round.
  • Carrots are a versatile vegetable so you can prepare them any which way: boiled, steamed, baked, pureed, raw, barbecued, etc… Cut them raw, into stalks and have as a snack during the day. Cut them into circles and throw them in with your next soup. Grate them and add to your next kugel. Puree them to make your next baked good a healthier one.

Happy crunching!