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Thoughts by Tanya about Sukkos

Let’s talk about temporary dwellings and dieting.

Sukkos is the only holiday that tells us to move out of our comfort zone and sleep somewhere else, somewhere not so comfortable, somewhere cold, and maybe even a little scary. And we do it, year after year. Why? 

Because we’re told to but also because we know it’s temporary. It’s just for a week or so, not forever. Let’s take that as a reminder that when we diet, it’s sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes not fun, etc., but it’s temporary! Once we get through the weight loss part and get on to maintenance, we’re pretty much “back home.” Also, because our plans are so normal, it almost doesn’t feel like you’re leaving home anyway. It’s a transition, sure, but we make it as fun and comfortable as possible! So remember to keep in mind that temporary is doable, always!