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The Purim Temptations Nutrition by Tanya TIP

When dieting, we do give up on some things in order to reach our goals but that doesn’t mean we have to nix them from our menu altogether. During Purim, temptations are thrown us in abundance but that’s not a reason to completely stray.

Instead, collect the items that you feel you really want. Try to limit them to less than 5. That gives you enough time to enjoy a special treat once a week leading up to Pesach when you have to get rid of all that chometz anyway. Just make sure the items you didn’t select are out of sight, so you don’t find yourself in a “fall off the wagon” type dilemma.

And remember… we’re human, we’re allowed to have our vices just make sure you’re in control of them to avoid spiraling. 

Have a healthy and happy Purim.



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