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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: The Benefits of a Barbecue

Aside from the fact that most things on the barbecue taste absolutely DELICIOUS, there are some actual health benefits to pulling out those extra-large tongs and grilling up some yum!

1. When grilling, the fat drips off the meats so you’re eating less fat.
2. Grilling actually holds on to the natural flavors of the foods so you’re enjoying the true flavor.
3. Grilling your meat helps retain nutrients like riboflavin and thiamine which are important to a healthy diet.
4. Vegetables on the grill retain more vitamins and minerals than when boiling or frying.
5. PLUS! Barbecuing is usually done outside and with company. This gives you a chance to be social, active AND eat healthy.

Remember: Choose lean meats, low or no-calorie/fat marinades and get creative with those vegetables!