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The Addiction

What do you see here? 

A bottle of whiskey on the counter, right? 

Yes, that’s what it is. 

You know what an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic sees? 

A very tempting bottle of whiskey, way too close for comfort. 

Potential to slip back into his old ways. 

Memories (positive and negative ) of having alcohol. 



While most of us would just walk right by the whiskey and not give it a second thought, the alcoholic has a whole inner fight with himself. He may even put it on a higher shelf or ask someone to hide it. He may even, in a moment of desperation, spill it out because the temptation is too great. 

Yes, he knows it costs a lot of money. 

Yes, he knows someone could have enjoyed it. 

Yes, he knows he ideally should have been strong enough to walk away. 

BUT… … …. 


So what am I getting at? 

Replace the bottle of whiskey in the story with a cake platter or a box of cookies; how does that change the story for you? 

Can you relate now? 

Can you see yourself having that same inner struggle? 

Have you done those things with foods that are triggers for you? 





Food IS an addiction as well. 

We feel we NEED that chocolate, when we really don’t. We WANT the tub of ice cream, even though we know it will make us sick. We YEARN for a plate of deep fried foods, knowing we will gain weight from it.





Alcoholics work so hard to beat the addiction and commit by removing triggering toxicities from their environment, while incorporating healthier habits and alternatives like:

Going to meetings for example. 

Getting rid of the alcohol in their home and workspace, avoiding triggering things on T.V. and the computer and even skipping parties and events.

They also incorporate activities to keep themselves occupied like reading wholesome books, board games or exercising. Some write their life story or develop a talent, while others take on new hobbies like dance classes or collecting something.




Any alcoholic will tell you that it’s a lifetime struggle. For some it’s easier than others but as 

they say “Once an addict, always an addict”.  This is not to sound hopeless, but rather as a reminder that it’s a lifetime of work.




Yes, food is a necessity of life and living however, we don’t NEED chocolate and cake and cookies and ice cream and candy and …

We simply WANT it. Because it tastes good to us and triggers our “HAPPY”.




Now here’s the thing… and this is very important!

While unhealthy eating is an addiction, it’s not as black and white as alcoholism. Alcoholics will tell you that a tiny sip is enough to yank them right off the wagon whereas with food, it IS easier to say no. There IS gray area. The amount of gray just depends on the individual.

Now, there ARE some individuals that HAVE to keep it black and white however, most people can have the fun foods too, it’s just a matter of keeping things balanced.




It’s so important to have the right guidance because without it, you’re not learning from your mistakes. That’s why the greatest successes in life have had a teacher, counselor, mentor, sponsor, etc…

And not all of them are created equal. The key is to find the right program with the right guidance for you.