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Snow Day Tips


By Tanya and staff


✅ Eat breakfast

✅ Write out a tentative schedule of the day and stick to it

✅ Do an at home workout (Like our Shape DVD)

✅ Have tea, veggie soup and low calorie hot cocoa

✅ Use the time wisely to catch up on projects you’ve been pushing off. Use this time to prepare meals for the rest of the week. You can even start cleaning for Pesach!

✅ Take a nap

✅ Shovel snow, you’ll burn lots of calories!

✅ Get dressed, brush your hair (and teeth!), even put on makeup!

✅ Try on your smaller clothing; are they fitting better yet?


❌ Stay in pajamas all day or wear a big sweatshirt all day

❌ Use the day as an excuse to go off track

❌ Bake unless you have to

❌ Watch cooking shows, you may get hungry 

Good luck! Stay on track!