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Shavuos Night Learning Tips

Here are some tips from my staff for Shavuos night learning:


*Make an iced green tea or have a Vitamin Water Zero, and sip it throughout the night.

*Cut up veggies and leave them close by so you can pick at them when you feel hungry.


*Stay far away from the junk food that’s given out and have cut-up fruits and vegetables near you.

*If you feel like you need candy, have a Fruit-A-Peel pack.


*Sugar-free candy, or mints in moderation


*Keep your hands busy with things, not food. Use one hand to hold the book and the other to skim line by line. Or have a fidget spinner in one hand to keep it busy while still learning.

*Popcorn, but portion it out and eat them individually so you’re not having handfuls at a time.