It’s officially pomegranate season and my oh my, they’re bright, juicy and DELICIOUS! Plus they have loads of health benefits like digestion improvement, disease protection and cancer prevention among others.

  • To select a good pomegranate, you have to hold it and feel it as opposed to relying just on looks.
  • A round pomegranate is unripe so first try to select one that’s not round but rather one with some angles.
  • Feel the weight of the fruit as the heavier it is, the more juice it will contain.
  • Select a big one as opposed to a smaller one. 
  • Make sure the crown of the fruit is slightly closed. When the petals lean inwards it means the fruit is ripe.
  • Make sure the outer skin is firm and tight. If you can easily scratch the peel, toss it back and choose another.