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Post Dentist Guide To Staying On The Plan

Dental work isn’t fun at all, and you may feel that you can’t keep to your plan post-treatment/surgery.

However, a nutritious diet is an essential part of a fast recovery. It is important that you maintain a diet of soft, nutritious foods to help speed the healing process and lessen discomfort.

Below is a categorized list of foods that can help you get the nutrients you need after undergoing a dental procedure.


-Soft scrambled eggs (they’re high in protein and don’t require much effort to chew)

-Puréed chicken soup (room temperature so it’s easy to swallow)

-Peanut or almond butter 

-Cottage cheese 

-Reduced fat milk (can be used in your smoothie as a protein or snack)

-Oatmeal (Use as a complete breakfast)


-Baked beans

Healthy Fats:





-Fat-free ice cream/Froyo – It’s cool, so it’s soothing, and it’s soft, so you don’t require much jaw muscle to chew. It can also help to minimize any natural swelling that occurs in the mouth due to the treatment.

-80-100 calorie Greek light yogurt (any flavor and you can even blend it with your fruit)

-Diet cheese snack (available at all Nutrition by Tanya locations)


-Smoothies-  fresh or frozen fruits will be perfect for a delicious smoothie! Your immune system will get a great boost! Simply stick to the serving sizes.

-Unsweetened applesauce 

-Acai bowl (try our delicious acai bowls, or make your own with a packet of unsweetened acai, almond milk, stevia and fruit of your choice!)

-Baked apples 


-Pasta or noodles: Make sure to cook them until they’re very soft, so you don’t have any problem eating them.

-Regular or sweet mashed potatoes: Potatoes have a bunch of nutrients and are very easy to chew and swallow if they’re mashed.


-Sugar free jello and pudding

Get well soon!