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Tanya Rosen

Tanya holds a master’s degree from Brooklyn College, as well as many specialty certificates such as pre and post natal fitness and nutrition, sports nutrition, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy for emotional eaters and working with special populations such as children, senior citizens and athletes.

Tanya has extensive knowledge and experience in working with complex medical conditions and eating disorders.  As a trainer and group class instructor, Tanya is certified to teach kickboxing, spin, pilates, boot camp, step and more.  With the motto that no two classes should ever be the same, Tanya is always bringing new routines and moves to her popular classes.  Tanya is also the creator of the first ever kosher workout DVD series called Shape Fitness Kosher Workout, created for women and girls bringing her best workouts to the comfort of people’s homes.

Always a writer,  Tanya enjoys writing for the Binah Magazine, as well as working on her future book.  On a personal level, Tanya understands the struggle as she herself lost close to 50 pounds almost fifteen years ago and works hard to keep it off.  With almost 16 years of experience as a personal trainer, aerobics instructor and nutritionist, Tanya directs the program with new ideas and her constant support and availability towards all her clients.