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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Use Substitutions

When searching for recipes on a diet, it can be quite challenging to find recipes that fit with your healthier lifestyle.

Ingredients have come a long way and there are so many ways to substitute unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones. Granted, it WILL change the recipe, but you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier version that fits your needs while sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

Take some time with a recipe you love and try to perfect it to your needs.

  • Use zero calorie sweetener instead of sugar (if you’re pregnant, nursing or have a health concern regarding sweeteners, look for better alternatives such as Stevia or Truvia)
  • No-sugar-added applesauce in place of oil
  • Fruit pieces instead of chocolate chips
  • Spray oil instead of liquid oil

The possibilities are endless!