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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Healthy Encouragement

What can I do to encourage my loved one to take care of him/herself?

Here are some options:

*Have a talk with them about the reasons you want them to be healthier and how it affects them and you. Include specifics on how a healthy lifestyle will have a positive effect.

*Buy them a gift certificate to use for their first package. This will eliminate the financial excuse and allow them to see just how well the program works.

*Let them know the program is flexible and able to accommodate all ages, health conditions and even the busiest of lifestyles.

*Incorporate healthy habits for the household even if the others don’t necessarily “need” it. Whether it’s less junk in the house, more fruits and vegetables, going for walks, drinking more water, etc…

*If you’re on the program, talk about it. About how easy it is and how flexible. Give your loved one a taste of the foods you buy or prepare for your plan. Convey your successes.

These are just a few ideas, hope they’re helpful!