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Life Coaching: The Quarantine

Situation: Henny is stuck at home with the entire family because of a nationwide lockdown due to a spreading virus.

Problem: Everyone keeps eating around Henny at different times throughout the day, so she ends up craving and caving.

Scenario: Henny has been up since 8 am with her youngest. He eats some cereal, so she has a bowl to start the day because it’s quick and easy. The middle child wakes at 9 am wanting a cheese sandwich, so Henny pops 2 slices of cheese into her mouth because it was there. The oldest wakes up at 10 am craving eggs, so Henny takes a bite to taste, then another and another. Lastly her husband wakes at 11 am and wants some coffee and cookies. Considering Henny has been busy with the kids all morning, a “coffee and cookie” break sounds like a good plan. It’s not even noon and Henny has eaten several things she could have avoided.

Solution: Life Coaching! A life coach will help Henny understand why she’s allowing herself to give in to everyone else’s schedule, instead of making one for herself and sticking to it. The life coach will also help her realize the steps to take in order to prepare for those situations ahead of time and to handle them when the time comes.