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Life Coaching: The Personal Trainer

Situation: Aliza is a personal trainer that offers fitness classes and guidance. ‍♂️ ‍♀️

Problem: Aliza knows this contradicts her fit lifestyle, but she is addicted to unhealthy foods and ends up in an unhealthy cycle of excessive exercise to even out her binges.

Scenario: When Aliza leaves a client’s home, she’s faced with shops and restaurants she only gets to enjoy when training in that neighborhood. How can Aliza say no to all the goodies in the shop windows?! Next thing she knows, her backseat has bagfuls of treats.

Solution: Life Coaching! Aliza already shows that she is determined and can stick to things long-term. A life coach will help her understand why she treats food with a different mindset than fitness. Life coaching will teach her how to apply that same determination to healthy eating so that she can properly balance fitness and nutrition without going to the extreme.

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