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Life Coaching: The Morah

Situation: Morah Esther has been called back to duty for the school year, after months of school being closed because of COVID.

Problem: Morah Esther is faced with a completely new schedule and way of teaching due to the pandemic, adding more work, worry and stress throughout the day.

Scenario: Between making sure the kids are keeping on their masks, trying to give attention to a class that’s spread out all over the room, having to raise her voice in order for the kids to hear her through the mask and having to take extra care to sanitize absolutely everything over and over again, Morah Esther hasn’t eaten all day.

Solution: Life Coaching! Sudden changes to our lives can throw us off balance but life coaching can help you sort it all out so that you can focus on yourself in order to be there for those around you. ❤️