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Life Coaching- The Mom

Situation: Batya is home with the kids, taking on the role of teacher, chef, boo-boo healer, entertainer and disciplinarian among many… many other things.

Problem: Batya is so busy taking care of her little angels that she becomes exhausted. Her fatigue causes her to lose focus throughout the day which in turn, results in Batya making bad health decisions.

Scenario: Aliza, the oldest, is trying to finish her homework while the twins are waiting with dirty faces for a bath. Meanwhile, Jason is rummaging messily through the cabinets for food and Yarden is in need of a diaper change. It’s been like this all day, and all Batya has managed to eat and drink, are the bites and sips she stole from the kids while juggling it all.

Solution: Life Coaching! A life coach will help Batya sort the mishigas in her head so she can sort it out in life. Life coaching will allow Batya to view her recurring situations in a way that she can then organize her lifestyle to include healthy living. A life coach will teach her how to further herself in a manner that prioritizes her needs as well!