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Life Coaching: The Midnight Snacker

Situation: Moshe has trouble sleeping, so he’s awake intermittently throughout the night. ?✨

Problem: Because the rest of the household is asleep, Moshe is unable to busy himself productively and ends up doing things that leave too much room for numb, midnight noshing.???

Scenario: It’s another one of those sleepless nights where Moshe tries different things to keep busy until his eyes droop enough to fall asleep. He starts reading a book then abandons it to watch a movie, then he tries to learn Torah… Meanwhile, the garbage can is filling up with candy wrappers and empty snack bags because… why not, right? It’s another ‘something’ to do.???

Solution: Life Coaching! A life coach will help Moshe detect the reasons for his need to nosh “just because”. Moshe will learn how to combat those late night binges so he can put a stop to the sleepy, numb noshing and more so, changing those habits may help him sleep more easily and sleep better!?