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Life Coaching: The Midnight Employee

Situation: Lazer is a late night employee with a very unconventional schedule.

Problem: By the time his work schedule begins, Lazer has already eaten several meals throughout the day.

Scenario: Even though he only starts working at 10pm, he’s been awake since noon and has already had breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and several treats. It’s a slow night and munching is keeping him well occupied. By the time his half hour break rolls around, he’s already eaten several snacks and now feels the need to have another meal.

Solution: Life Coaching! A life coach will help Lazer build a structure through the understanding of why he hasn’t been able to maintain any structure. Lazer and the life coach will discuss the different ways for him to overcome what he currently feels is the need for more and more food, and together they will explore the solutions for maintaining structure.