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Life Coaching: The Chef

Situation: Yitty is a professional chef and needs to taste her recipes before feeding them to her clients.

Problem: Instead of just tasting the recipe, Yitty tends to take a full bite or two to ensure quality which increases her food intake exponentially.

Scenario: Yitty has already prepared 7 dishes and there are several more to go. With each dish, she takes a heaping spoonful of food before it gets sent out to the crowd; but she already had her breakfast, some snacks, had a meal before cooking, and she will be having another meal afterwards. Yitty is also unable to keep track because it’s “a bite here, a bite there.”

Solution: Life Coaching! A life coach will help Yitty differentiate between the desire to eat the food and the necessity to taste the food. As a chef it may be necessary to taste each dish however, life coaching will help guide Yitty into better habits of tasting her dishes while understanding why she feels the need for more than just a taste.